Mike Cooke joins Monmouth Partners

Monmouth is delighted to have Mike Cooke join the leadership team as a Director.  From June 2013 Mike is leading on our Information Governance, data and service management and PbR assurance services.  Mike is a huge asset to the company, bringing with him over 20 years’ senior experience in the NHS managing national IT systems development and data standards.

Mike directed the systems development of the National Cervical Screening and Breast Screening Programmes.  He was also one of first people to adopt both PRINCE and patient involvement in NHS IT development.  For the NHS’s national Family Health Service he headed the internal audit and accreditation to the BS5750 Quality Management Standard.  As the national head of NHS Data Standards within Connecting for Health, Mike was responsible for all NHS national coding schemes and NHS Data dictionary.  Mike left the NHS to join Westhill in late 2006 and subsequently moved on to Tribal and Capita where he was responsible for the technical delivery of the NHS South Central Commissioning Support service – including the roll-out of risk stratification across a population of over 5 million patients.

On joining Monmouth, Mike commented, “I’m excited and pleased to be a part of Monmouth during this period of change in the NHS. I’m looking forward to working with a talented team who have diverse skills and experience.  I’m confident that we offer a unique way of finding solutions to challenges faced by the UK healthcare system today.”

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