Healthcode and Monmouth Partners agree strategic alliance

Healthcode and Monmouth are delighted to announce they have agreed to form a strategic alliance.  The alliance will enable the businesses to work more closely together to identify and deliver value to both clients and shareholders.
Healthcode is the trusted provider of secure online systems for the private health market, clearing and validating medical bills electronically for all major private medical insurers in the UK.  Each year it processes financial transactions exceeding £2.5bn between hospitals, consultants and insurers.  Owned by health insurers and a leading independent hospital provider, Healthcode has also invested in a suite of additional services, including clinical benchmarking and practice management solutions.  Monmouth is a rapidly growing provider of assurance services to the health and pharmaceutical sectors.  Its assurance services address a number of challenges, from clinical quality to the accuracy of financial, coding and other activity data in both the NHS and private medical sectors.
Working together the businesses will respond jointly to opportunities and explore customer propositions which combine Healthcode’s specialist technical and data management skills and industry reach with Monmouth’s capabilities in assurance, standard development and maintenance.  Peter Connor, Healthcode’s Managing Director, said, “We have known and worked with members of the Monmouth team for over seven years.  They bring significant additional capabilities to our offer and we are looking forward to working with them to deliver increased value to customers – both existing and new.”  Welcoming the alliance, Andrew Lawrence, Monmouth’s Managing Director, added, “We are really excited at the prospect of working with the Healthcode team.  We are already looking at a number of opportunities where we believe the combination of our distinct but complementary skills will be highly compelling.  We look forward to a long and productive relationship between the businesses.”

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