Mike Cooke appointed Chair of UK Terminology Centre Edition Committee

Monmouth’s Director, Mike Cooke, is thrilled to have been appointed as Chair of the UKTC Edition Committee.  As of March 2014, Mike will be ensuring the committee succeeds in its remit to support the UKTC in the delivery of products and services to time, quality and cost.  UKTC’s responsibilities include the UK management of SNOMED CT, Read codes and other healthcare terminology products and Clinical Classifications.  The UKTC also maintains the NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) in partnership with the NHS Business Service Authority.
Mike brings to the organisation his expertise in managing NHS Data Standards, major NHS software development functions and his personal passion for seeing integrated NHS wide systems.
Mike is looking forward to helping the UKTC achieve its vision of supporting patient care through the delivery of data standards that underpin the collection, management and sharing of health and social care information.

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