Monmouth to help five CSUs make PPE an NHS “game-changer”

Monmouth has won a coveted place on a list of preferred suppliers for commissioning support.  The award means that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) now have streamlined access to Monmouth’s ‘Listening to Patients’ services portfolio.

The award has been made by The Elis Group, a group of NHS commissioning support organisations covering nearly half of all England.  They have appointed Monmouth as a preferred provider of Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) support.  PPE is the science of ensuring that patients and local communities have more of a stake in the services delivered to and for them.  When done well, PPE helps individuals and communities get more out of scarce NHS resources.

Appointment to the framework agreement, means that NHS organisations can now access Monmouth’s specialist PPE expertise without having to go through an additional complex and time-consuming procurement process.  The agreement covers the full range of Monmouth’s ‘Listening to Patients’ services which:

  • Help patients, individuals and communities become more actively engaged in their own health and social care and better self-manage their condition(s)
  • Engage patients in service redesign so that the NHS delivers improved outcomes in terms of cost, outcomes and patient experience
  • Supports successful service reconfiguration which can withstand potential public and legal challenge
  • Measures successful patient and public participation, and shows how to improve it

All of the Elis Group CSUs are also currently bidding for inclusion on NHS England’s national Lead Provider Framework (LPF) and have committed to including their Elis framework partners on these bids.  This means that Monmouth is likely to gain multiple channels to the LPF, the new mechanism through which CCGs will be able to buy quality assured commissioning support efficiently from 2015.

“We know that more personalised engagement can help patients become better at taking control of their own care and live longer, healthier lives.  Helping individual patients and communities become more informed and healthier means the NHS better uses scarce NHS resources on those patients who need them most,” said Andrew Lawrence, Monmouth’s MD.

“We’re delighted that the Elis CSUs have recognised the exciting range of capability we have already developed.  Inclusion on such a major framework demonstrates that the Elis CSUs understand how much of a game-changer PPE can be in addressing the NHS’s current financial challenges.”

To learn more about Monmouth’s ‘Listening to Patients’ services and how to access them, please contact Amy Wynne-Jones on or 07534 980 743.

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