Patients can be part of the solution, we just need to let them in

Mark Duman’s latest blog argues that many patients, when appropriately informed, educated and supported, can become a value to the system, and to wider society, and not just a cost.  An asset and not just a deficit.  Mark points out that in health care, we’re continuing to (unwittingly) make ourselves and our patients dependent on a system we increasingly can’t afford to fund.  We keep providing the fish when we really need to start teaching people to fish themselves.  

Click here to read Mark’s blog which raises the question, will we ever systematically let patients, carers and others in?

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NHS services under pressure – What legacy will Covid-19 leave?

Back in August we looked at the impact of the pandemic on NHS cancer services. The concern then was that patients were not being seen or treated quickly enough or in some cases, given the drop-off in activity, not being diagnosed in the first place. Given the false dawn lull in Covid cases back in the summer, now all too clearly the calm before the storm, what is the situation now?

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Tracking the Pandemic and its impact