Monmouth rewards top new ACC coders

Monmouth was delighted to recognise the achievements of candidates that recently obtained a top 10 National Clinical Coding Qualification (NCCQ) score.  The Institute of Health Records & Information Management (IHRIM) Awards Ceremony, held at Guy’s Hospital on Friday 24th October, was a wonderful celebration of the progress that is being made in the clinical coding arena.
The NCCQ, more often known as the Accredited Clinical Coder (ACC) qualification, is the only nationally recognised qualification for clinical coders working in the NHS.  It supports the need for good quality clinical information, as required by the NHS Health & Social Care Information Centre (NHS HSCIC). Organisations that deliver and maintain high quality coding will prosper; those that don’t will fall behind.
“As specialists in providing clinical coding audit, delivery and training to NHS Trusts, Monmouth was thrilled to sponsor these awards.  Encouraging a high quality clinical coding function will help NHS Trusts to meet demanding corporate and financial governance standards,” said Claire Noble ACC, Monmouth’s Professional Lead for Coding Assurance.

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