Is pharma walking the walk when it comes to patient centricity?

In his recent article for PharmaTimes, Monmouth Director, Mark Duman, questions whether the pharmaceutical industry is truly engaging with patients.  Mark argues that patient centricity is not just about the end product or services but is about integrating patient and public views into the whole lifecycle of a medicine or device, from bench to bedside. 

Mark claims that while it’s easy to talk about the need for patient centrcity in mission statements and speeches, it’s another matter to put it into everyday practice.

A workshop facilitated by Monmouth Partners for NHS England, under the Medicines Optimisation banner, asked patients and carers to explore How we make medicines-taking a better experience?

With the agenda defined by patients themselves, the workshop focused on the need to better understand them as individuals – not just as patients, conditions, or medicines.

Mark urges that at the end of the day we are all patients, or at least caregivers, even if just to ourselves.  Let those experiences guide the pharmaceutical industry, and the broader healthcare system, to not just talk the talk, but to actually walk it.

To read Mark’s full article in PharmaTimes please click here.

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