CMA data submission – 31 March 2017 deadline passed

Did your private healthcare organisation submit CMA mandated data to PHIN?

In October 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) wrote to organisations who missed the initial September 2016 CMA data submission deadline, providing fall back requirements that:

  1. Full data collection across four data sets should start by 1 January 2017, and
  2. The first two months should be submitted to the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) by 31 March 2017.

These deadlines have passed and private healthcare providers that did not submit data will be publicly named by the CMA and open to legal enforcement action.

PHIN will also publish performance measures for the public to compare private healthcare providers this month, with some providers already listed on the PHIN website. Independent providers that have not submitted January-December 2016 data – as required by the CMA’s Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 – will not appear on the website for the press launch in April. Not appearing puts organisations at potential reputational risk and competitive disadvantage.

We understand that collecting and submitting activity data each month is a huge undertaking and a resource-intensive challenge, especially for small organisations, requiring:

  • Specialist knowledge of NHS clinical coding standards – to ensure accuracy and fair representation of your work on PHIN’s website
  • Up to date systems and on-site technical support – to prepare and extract the data in PHIN’s specific formats.

Monmouth is already helping many providers comply with the CMA’s requirements.

We can help you ensure that your site(s) are listed on PHIN’s website as soon as possible by:

  • Preparing the data you need, in the right formats
  • Collating, cleansing and submitting retrospective data
  • Setting-up routine ongoing submissions
  • Clinical coding your activity to NHS standards

Act now to ensure legal action is not taken by the CMA – get your site(s) on the PHIN website as soon as possible.

For more details on how Monmouth Partners can help you achieve compliance please contact Di Hendry, Director, or Romy St Clair, Associate Director,

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