A Guide to Patient Reported Measures (PROMS)

PROMs, PREMs & satisfaction tools – what they are, what do they measure and how do they fi t together?

In this paper, Monmouth shares the headline facts around the theory and landscape of Patient Reported Measures and then focuses in on some of the practical challenges around the use of PROMs. Click here to view the PDF –  A Guide to Patient Reported Measures

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NHS services under pressure – What legacy will Covid-19 leave?

Back in August we looked at the impact of the pandemic on NHS cancer services. The concern then was that patients were not being seen or treated quickly enough or in some cases, given the drop-off in activity, not being diagnosed in the first place. Given the false dawn lull in Covid cases back in the summer, now all too clearly the calm before the storm, what is the situation now?

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Tracking the Pandemic and its impact