Improving information for private healthcare

Monmouth Partners helped the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) to scope some of the CMA’s requirements for better comparative information across private healthcare.

In particular, we designed and led a formative Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) programme, which has given the sector a head start on implementing PROMs for private patients.

We’ve also supported exploratory meetings with several Registries, and helped lay the groundwork for assessing the independent sector’s ability to meet NHS clinical coding standards.

“I found Monmouth Partners highly professional and excellent to work with on this extensive and complex project. The review and analysis of the PROMs requirements and the market to provide support on this was comprehensive and very well presented, of particular note was their ability to engage with the range of experts in the field of PROMs, of the range of independent sector healthcare providers and the clinical professional bodies. The final recommendations and analysis were succinct and clearly articulated and have provided a great platform for the industry to take forward.”

Bernie Henwood, Chair of PHIN PROMs Working Group and Clinical Performance Manager – Commercial, Nuffield Health

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