Invicta Health: Data privacy

Invicta Health is a community interest company, owned by GP practices in Kent.  They provide a range of services in collaboration with other organisations as well as running GP practices.

Invicta Health recognised the need to achieve compliance with the Information Governance (IG) Toolkit. They wanted to provide assurance to existing and potential new partners that they manage confidential information in line with current best practice. This would also provide an opportunity to strengthen and formalise internal processes.

All organisations that process NHS patient information should provide assurance via the IG Toolkit as part of service support or contractual terms. Many healthcare providers require their partners to demonstrate compliance with the Toolkit in order to work together.

Mentoring and project management

Monmouth provided Invicta with a combination of mentoring and hands-on support to help it achieve the level 2 IG Toolkit ahead of the annual March deadline. When Monmouth arrived, there was no individual responsible for managing information governance. We created an action plan to meet gaps in compliance and supported the organisation through each step.

Invicta Health’s team were mentored and guided through the IG process to ensure they are able to manage following years’ submissions. Monmouth provides ongoing support to Invicta Health as part of our IG managed service, to ensure the organisation actively develops and improves its information handling. This provides greater assurance to existing and new partners that IG is high on the agenda.

Thanks to Monmouth’s support our IG systems are more robust and sustainable, giving the Board and Senior Management Team confidence. This will enable us to continue to develop our services and enhance our bids for future work.

“No job is too small for Monmouth. The team has proven to be inspiring, helpful and reliable to myself and others. The support has been fundamentally changing for me personally in such a positive way thanks to the IG mentoring.

“If you need a company to help you understand and enjoy IG, then these are your people. You will benefit from a real hands-on and satisfying working relationship.”

Georgia Harvey, IG Lead at Invicta Health

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