BREAKING NEWS – Clinical Coding Apprenticeship Programme launched

Ground-breaking clinical coding apprenticeships, backed by Health Education England.

Monmouth are pleased to announce a new programme of support for clinical coding apprenticeships, backed by Health Education England.

The move comes on the back of our successful application to become an accredited Supporting Provider on the Education & Skills Funding Agency Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoTAP). This means we are able to deliver government funded apprenticeships in England – working with our partners at Skills Training UK, the UK’s leading provider of workplace training.

Monmouth have partnered with Skills Training UK to provide clinical coding apprenticeships from summer 2020. The programme comprises a 12-18 month development plan blending formal clinical coding training and a structured professional development support plan, delivered alongside the apprentice’s host employer.

Breaking news! Following our accreditation by NHS Digital to remotely deliver clinical coding training courses, Monmouth are able to deliver the programme remotely throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

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