Supporting the independent healthcare sector

Monmouth Partners works extensively across the independent healthcare sector.  Our range of expertise combines clinical coding, analyst, clinical, financial and business strategy support to meet the needs of both insurers and healthcare providers.

From the hospital perspective, we have been providing clinical coding services to independent hospitals for over five years and recently completed a successful EPR upgrade programme across multiple hospitals.  Meanwhile, for insurers, we continue to deliver a rolling audit programme for one of the UK’s largest private medical insurers and developed the UK’s first standard schedule of prostheses with a leading health insurer.

Covid-19 - Monmouth support to the independent sector's response

SUS submissions for NHS patients treated by independent hospitals

We have worked with PHIN and leading independent hospitals to ensure that information on NHS patients is gathered and submitted safely to NHS Digital.

Clinical coding of Covid-19 patients

Our clinical coding team has continued to support independent sector clients throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to record the care delivered to patients diverted from NHS hospitals.

Examples of our services and recent work across the independent healthcare sector include:

Independent hospitals

Monmouth’s work with private hospitals and providers focuses on capturing, using and improving clinical and financial information. Our core services include:

  • Establishing sensible private healthcare charging policies, tariffs and self-pay prices
  • Achieving PMI recognition
  • Accurately capturing revenue and billing
  • Clinical coding medical records to NHS and independent sector information standards and submitting to PHIN
  • Better utilisation of facilities
  • Market intelligence, evidence and business plans to support decisions, growth and improvement.

Read more about our work with Benenden Hospital Trust and PHIN.

Private medical insurers and corporate healthcare trusts

Monmouth support PMIs across the pricing and payment cycle – contracts and negotiation, pricing schedules, claims processing and billing audits.  Sophisticated logic, alongside our experienced analysts and clinical team, accurately identify billing errors, even when price screening has already been applied.

NHS Private Patient Units (PPUs)

We work with NHS private patient units to improve operational performance and increase private patient revenues.

As with independent providers, we support PPUs with pricing and packages, commercial agreements with insurers, revenue capture, clinical coding, better utilisation of facilities and market intelligence, demand analysis and business planning.

Read more about our PHIN submission support service and PPU Strategy Development.

For more information
please contact:

Di Hendry
Di Hendry
For more information
please contact:
Di Hendry
Di Hendry

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