NHS and social care - using information to deliver better services in the new normal

Monmouth Partners work with NHS and social care organisations to navigate the challenges of Covid-19 with a data-led approach.

We help to facilitate integrated care systems (ICS), provide evidence-driven approaches to the re-opening of NHS services, prioritise elective waiting lists and support the future contracting of services. Our team blends analyst, clinician, financial and clinical coding expertise.

Supporting Integrated Care Systems' response to Covid-19

Covid-19 Analytics

Monmouth’s analysts offer a data-led approach to the reopening of NHS services, enabling better service planning and system-wide decision making.

Immediate Clinical Priority Support

Our team can help co-ordinate a centralised approach to elective waiting lists, rationalise care pathways, maximise virtual working and ensure capacity across providers is used efficiently.

ICS Strategy and Health Economy Planning

We can help you to set activity-based plans and population-based budgets to forecast and contract future services within a new way of working.

Examples of our services and recent work for a wide range of NHS and social care organisations include:

Operational commissioning support, incl CCGs, CSUs and NHS England specialist services

With Monmouth Partners’ help, our clients achieve tangible clinical and service improvements and real financial savings.  The return on investment from our audit work over the past two years has been more than 20:1.

Read more about our PbR Payment Audits, Clinical Audits and Low Priority Procedure Audits for commissioners.

NHS Trusts and GP Federations

Our work with NHS providers helps to deliver better patient outcomes, improve quality and reduce costs.

Read more about our Clinical Utilisation Reviews and Clinical Audits. Revenue Capture and NHS Trust billing support. Clinical Coding Support, Delivery and Training.

NHS Regulators

We work with the Department of Health, NHS England, the Care Quality Commission and other arm’s length bodies, helping them to define and implement the detail of national policy.

Read more about our input into the Dalton Review, NHS England’s Medicines Optimisation Dashboard and the Royal College of Surgeons approach to regulating cosmetic surgery.

For more information
please contact:

Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence
Managing Director
For more information
please contact:
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence
Managing Director

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