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Is healthcare delivered safely, correctly & paid for accurately?







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We assure NHS and private sector clients that clinical guidelines and contracts are safely and efficiently applied.


Our Approach

We blend our expertise in healthcare information, clinical coding, clinical data capture and pricing to carry out:

Healthcare data analysis - financial impact & audit priorities

Clinical guidelines – ensuring care is delivered in line with local and national guidance

Process review – confirming how patient activity is captured, classified and reported

Clinical coding – validating accuracy and compliance with coding standards

Financial analysis – reporting the financial impact of audit findings

Negotiation support – helping clients work through audit findings and challenges

workflow showing monmouth's approach to audit and assurance

why monmouth?


Our team, made up of independent clinicians, data analysts and coding specialists, work with your data to identify issues and variations in practice, highlighting their impact – both clinically and financially.

We have supported 20+ organisations including NHS England, CCGs, Trusts and insurers to achieve better clinical outcomes for patients, operational improvements and real financial savings.

Our cumulative return on investment is more than 20:1

two people looking at data over laptop and sheet whilst holding pen and pencil
“It was valuable for the community to have an independent view of both services that was able to reflect back the best practices of both services. Sometimes we are too close to see how to be objective in a constructive way. It was great to have our work endorsed by someone with as much experience as Monmouth.”
Mandy Oliver
Service Provision Manager for Social Care Reablement at Nottingham City CCG

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