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Monmouth provides a comprehensive portfolio of online and in-person training.

Our Clinical Coding Academy is live and kicking, with academies in Data Security, and Data Security & Finance soon to follow.



Our online Academy offers flexible, cost-effective learning for organisations and individuals.

New courses added monthly 

Self-paced courses developed by NHS Digital-approved trainers 

The Monmouth Clinical Coding Academy is a digital learning platform designed specifically for clinical coding professionals of all skill levels.






Virtual and face to face instructor-led training by NHS Digital approved trainers.

Training courses can be bespoke to your organisation’s needs and include complementary access to private groups on the Academy where additional materials are shared exclusively with delegates.

Contact us to find out what's coming up.

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“The Monmouth Academy platform has played an intrinsic role in supporting the formation of the clinical coding training and development strategy at Gloucestershire NHS Trust. From the short e-learning courses to the socially conscious blogs, the Monmouth Academy has provided an innovative option towards a more dynamic learning environment, which has been highly utilised by the whole coding department.”
Rebecca Gyimah BSc ACC
Head of Clinical Coding Strategy & Development at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
“The courses aren’t too long and it’s good that they are broken down into smaller sized modules. The explanation given when quiz answers are wrong is great. It is also good that we can start and come back to courses at any time. The courses are easy to understand. Lots has been learnt and whilst doing the courses it gives us a chance to update our books at the same time.”
Margaret Setter
"Monmouth Academy provides an ever-growing range of good quality modules for our clinical coders, ensuring they all have the opportunity to develop their skills throughout the year. I like that the modules are supported with short quizzes to ensure coders understand the content plus certificates to provide assurance of completion. I’d highly recommend the Academy for quality, well-priced training which is available to everyone with no need for travel."
Janice Brady
"I’ve found this to be an amazingly simple and useful learning tool! The instructions are clear, the various sections and chapters are relevant and written with specific purpose, by a Coder, for a Coder. The Standards are simplified, and the language used is much clearer and easy to understand. So far, a massive thumbs up!"
New Coder
"Monmouth's trainers deliver their courses clearly and confidently"
CCSC Participant
"Monmouth's trainers have meticulous attention to detail, which shows in their courses."
Clinical Coding Manager
"The courses flow really well. I shocked myself with how much I was learning and getting right!"
Clinical Coder


Contact our specialist trainers to find out how to support continual professional development and upskill your team 

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