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Best practice is a priority for both patients and your organisation. We offer a range of services to keep clinical excellence at the core of operations.

We help healthcare providers and system developers to maintain standards and demonstrate compliance.


clinical safety advice

We provide support and expertise to healthcare organisations and Clinical Safety Officers. We can assist with all aspects of clinical risk management including:

 Clinical risk management plans

 Clinical safety case reports

 Risk management systems

 Hazard log recording and mitigation

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Standards Compliance


NHS Digital mandates demanding clinical risk management standards for the manufacture and deployment of health IT systems - DCB0129 & DCB0160.

These standards govern the development and implementation of all clinical systems and applications used across the NHS.

We help system developers demonstrate compliance with these safety standards so that they can achieve access to the NHS marketplace. Following accreditation, we work alongside NHS partners to support the safe adoption of new systems and tools.

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clinical governance

We support healthcare organisations in both NHS and independent sectors manage their governance activity and ensure clinical safety. Our specialists assist:

 Incident investigation and root cause analysis

 Complaints handling

 Clinical audit

 Best practice assessment


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