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    ISO 27001 is the most popular information security standard worldwide. It sets out the processes and requirements of how organisations should manage their information security.

    As information security specialists, Monmouth Partners supports organisations across the healthcare sector to attain and maintain their certification.




    As well as reducing the risk of data breach and reputational damage, ISO 27001 certification will allow you to:

    Win new clients and retain existing customers - Certification to ISO 27001 standards shows your current and potential customers that you are taking cyber threats seriously - it demonstrates credibility and can make the difference between winning and losing a tender

    Work with regulated sectors - ISO 27001 is the de facto international standard for Information Security Management and can be a requirement to trade with organisations in certain regulated sectors including the financial sector and certain NHS programmes

    Improve internal efficiency - Standardising your processes will allow you to improve organisational performance, standardisation and control

    Expand into global markets - Certification to ISO 27001 standards helps organisations expand into global markets - certain markets, particularly in south east Asia, mandate ISO 27001 certification

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    our approach

    Gap Analysis

    What can go wrong with your information? How can the confidentiality, integrity and availability of every piece of information be protected and not endangered?


    Prepare and implement an external audit. Engage the certification body, carry out an internal audit and an initial management review.

    Remedial Action

    Develop and implement an action plan around identified and potential risks. Support you to ensure these are effectively implemented.

    Ongoing Maintenance

    Supporting the ongoing activities required to maintain ISO 27001 standards, advising on issues arising from organisational changes or incidents arising.

    “Monmouth provided very helpful advice on how we needed to get ready for our ISO 27001 audit. Alan did a good job of de-mystifying what was required. We found Monmouth’s support to be invaluable in updating our management system to ensure it was compliant with the regulations.”
    Peter Bell
    Chief Technology Officer at Trapeze Group UK
    “Operating in the healthcare sector there’s a clear need to be able to demonstrate a robust and effectively operating information security framework - being a small firm (<10 employees) we wanted to implement a financially viable framework that aligned with our business model. We were super happy to select Monmouth partners who clearly understood the sector, our business model and who designed and implemented a mature and flexible framework which allowed us to attain certification within our timeframes. The framework has proved intuitive and proportional and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”
    Julian Webb
    Operations Director at HealthRota Limited


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