Penetration Testing

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      Pen testing will discover and expose vulnerabilities in information systems or networks. Exposing risks which can be exploited by criminals can significantly strengthen cyber-security. Physical environment, network security and staff training all play a part.


      how does it work?


      We use qualified (CREST/CHECK) security professionals to regularly assess your IT environment’s security risk and help you understand the potential impact of any vulnerabilities.

      Our penetration testing service reviews your business from four perspectives:

      Initial Vulnerability Assessment:  Entry level view of the risks and vulnerabilities across your IT environment - helps prioritise and implement mitigations aligned with your risk management process

      Internal Penetration Test: Identifies security issues and vulnerabilities within your corporate network - provides comprehensive picture of server and network device configuration from the viewpoint of an internal security threat connected to your network

      External Penetration Test: Assesses the external, internet-facing infrastructure of your corporate network - including multiple potential entry points such as firewall, VPN endpoints, and web / mail servers.

      Web Application Penetration Test: A defence in depth approach to identifying the public facing attack surface, authentication control weaknesses, segmentation issues, and configuration vulnerabilities that could allow a user to escalate privileges

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