Making sure care is delivered safely and payments are accurate

We assure providers, NHS commissioners and private medical insurers that clinical guidelines and contracts are being followed.  Our independent clinicians, data analysts and coding specialists highlight issues, variations in practice and their impact – both clinically and financially.

Over the past 18 months, our audit and assurance team has supported 20+ organisations including NHS England, CCGs, Trusts and insurers achieve better clinical outcomes, operational improvements and real financial savings, with an average return on investment of more than 20:1.

Casemix & coding analysis
Contract, pricing & challenge review
Audit scope & priorities
Clinical & coding audits
Clinical data capture process review
Clinical coding auditors & clinicians
Local engagement and sign-off
Assess clinical and financial impact
Consultation with stakeholders
Feedback report
Negotiation support

Our approach blends our expertise in healthcare information, clinical coding, clinical data capture and pricing:

  • Healthcare data analysis, financial impact & audit priorities
  • Clinical guidelines – ensure care is delivered in line with local and national guidance
  • Process review – how is patient activity captured, classified and reported?
  • Clinical coding audit – to validate accuracy and compliance with coding standards
  • Financial analysis – reporting the financial impact of audit findings
  • Negotiation support – helping clients work through the challenge process.

For more information
please contact:

Jason Nerval
Jason Nerval
Associate Director
For more information
please contact:
Jason Nerval
Jason Nerval
Associate Director

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